Green Coffee

Green Coffee


Verynutri Green coffee is now trending in the world of good health & wellness. Green coffee beans are obtained from unroasted selected coffee berries, which has greater advantage over regular black coffee. Antioxidant Chlorogenic Acid is the key factor in green coffee beans, which helps in weight management, stress, metabolic rate and other health benefits. so, give your body a boost of verynutri Green coffee and enjoy the good health.


Ingredients: Soluble Green Coffee, Aloe vera

Net Wt: 100 g

Makes Upto 60-65 cups

How to prepare: Add 1 spoon (given inside the pack) of Verynutri Green Coffee powder to 150 ml. of Hot/ Iced water in a cup and stir.

Best before: 18 months from date of Mfg. Once Opened use within 1 month.
Store in a cool, dry place. Hygroscopic product.




Unroasted and unprocessed coffee beans are high in phytonutirents and low in Caffeine. Naturally present Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee aids weight loss and helps improve mental alertness.
Carefully handpicked Green Coffee beans are from south of India, famous for it’s Coffee plantation all over the world.
Easy to make and great in taste. Replace black coffee with more healthier option of Green Coffee.



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