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What is Diabetes?

Our body is made up of many cells and each cell needs glucose to work. Cells will take up glucose from blood ONLY with the help of insulin. Our pancreas makes INSULIN – a hormone. Diabetes happens when the blood glucose levels are high. This happens when either lack of insulin or the cells are not sensitive to insulin.

Most common symptoms of Diabetes:

-          Frequent urination

-          Increased thirst

-          Increased hunger

-          Sudden weight loss

-          Poor or delayed healing

What is Diabeat Juice?

Diabeat juice is specially designed for diabetics. The natural ingredients help to rejuvenate pancreas thus acting on the root cause of diabetes. It is a juice of 10 common herbs known for its medicinal values.


-          Aloe vera

-          Turmeric

-          Amla

-          Noni

-          Ginger

-          Tulsi

-          Mint leaves

-          Cinnamon

-          Curry leaves

-          Drumstick leaves


-          Aloe vera is a known detoxifier, promotes healthy digestion and helps stimulating insulin secreation.

-          Turmeric is known healer, strengthens immune system and helps improving liver functions.

-          Amla is a rich source of vitamin C which acts as antioxidant. Also a fibre rich fruit which helps in healthy digestion.

-          Noni is fruit rich in its antioxidant properties. It has immense natural nutritive and medicinal values.

-          Ginger is a commonly used kitchen herb for gastric problems. Long term use of ginger may help in improving glucose levels. It also helps in reducing pain and   inflammation.

-          Tulsi also known as holy basil is well known herb for its anti-viral properties and used widely for fever. It helps to prevent heart ailments and is very effective in  respiratory problems. The natural oil present in tulsi helps pancreatic cells to function properly.

-          Mint is known for its freshness and anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties.

-          Researchers say that cinnamon helps in reducing fasting blood sugar level. It apparently has an effect on blood thinning and improves circulation. It may help  boost metabolism and can be helpful in weight loss.

-          Curry leaves is known for its ability to protect liver from damage. It is rich in fibres which helps improve digestion. It may have a potential of reducing bad cholesterol.      

-          Drumstick leaves is one of the richest source of calcium. Some studies have shown that it helps lower blood sugar levels.



Take 30 ml. of juice, dilute in ½ glass of water. Take empty stomach in morning and also before bedtime at night.



600ml. bottle



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