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Verynutri is one of the best brand in India having instant green tea in 6 different flavours like tea masala, cardamom, lemon, ginger, cinnamon and lemon grass. Verynutri instant green tea is available at reasonable price (per cup cost) in India. Green tea is made from fresh leaves of tea plant. It has all nutrients and antioxidant properties in its natural form. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks available on earth. One of the most powerful antioxidant compounds in green tea is EGCG that can help to improve health. Many best green tea brands in India promotes it for achieving and maintaining healthy weight. So how does this works?....It is said that green tea helps to boost metabolic rate & promotes fat burning. One of the compound catechins in Green tea may help in reducing the risk of infection. Also, Green tea may help to detoxify body. These are the reasons why Green tea is hot favourite drink amongst fitness enthusiasts. Numbers of health concern people are on steady rise & that’s the reason we offer our Green tea at a reasonable price in India. Most of the people are busy with their life so it becomes easy for them to buy Green tea online and get it delivered directly from the company. Whether you are at home or in office, it is very easy to make Verynutri instant Green tea in few steps. Take 1 spoon ( given in pack) of Verynutri Green tea in a cup and add hot, boiling water to it. Stir & your Green tea is ready to drink. No need to filter or add anything. Drink it as many times you want. You can also make iced Green tea in hot days to cool yourself & feel rejuvenated. Just add 2 spoon of Verynutri Green tea in a glass, add ice, water and little honey to taste. Stir & your ice Green tea is ready!

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Healthy and tasty food for a long and happy life is our mission.
We are developing Healthy herbal , natural , detox products from 11 years in India.

Our products are crafted with extreme care to provide you a soothing experience. Our experienced food engineers create a great soothing taste and high quality natural ingredients so that you can plan and live a healthy , enjoyable lifestyle.

We also provide training seminars to create awareness and spread knowledge about health and wellness. You can contact us to organize a session for your community.

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