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Sun: Source of Energy



Since the sunscreens were invented, we all have become scared of sunlight. We keep protecting ourselves from sunlight by using different methods but we forget that sun is the ultimate source of energy. Sun is far, far away from us but its rays falling in 1 square meter can light 3 bulbs of 100 watts! Not only that but it is also source of our food. No sun, no food- as plants use sunlight to grow and make their food and we directly or indirectly depend on plants for our survival.

Best time to bathe in sunlight-

Avoid direct exposure between 9 AM to 4 PM. Early morning or late evenings are the best time to get expose to sunlight. World health organisation (WHO) suggests 5-15 minutes of bathing in sunlight to get the benefits of it.

Benefits of sunlight-

-          Helps make vitamin D which makes our bones stronger.

-          Uplifts your mood- as happy hormone serotonin is released when you are in sunlight.

-          You will be surprised but its true- It helps you to sleep better.

-          Helps in healing of skin wounds.

-          Studies shows less cases of cancer in people exposed to sunlight then who stays more in               darkness. So, it might help prevent cancer.

-          Improves immunity and kills bad bacteria.

-          Is known to help in regulating blood pressure.

-          Similar to the benefit of exercise, sunlight helps to deliver oxygen to body’s cells.

Start with 2-4 minutes of sun bathing. Slowly increase the timings but not more than 15 minutes at a time. Go out in sunlight and lighten your life!