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In 2014, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had suggested United Nations to celebrate International Yoga day on 21st June every year as yoga is originated in India but is practised worldwide. After that, June 21st has been declared as “INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY” by UN.


Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual discipline. In Sanskrit, it means to unite , join or attach. The term YOGA was mentioned in Rigveda and has been practised in India since 5000 years.

When it comes to yoga, it is important to mention Swami Vivekanand as he was the one who introduced yoga to the western world. According to him yoga is all about controlling senses, will and mind so that one can unite with REALITY or GOD.

Yoga includes many physical postures which require mental peace, concentration and awareness. Thus, it not only helps to mould your body but also your mind. It helps to unfold the untapped potentials of Humans. It includes ASANAS(body postures), PRANAYAMA(breathing techniques) and DHYAAN(meditation).


Some of the benefits of Yoga-

  •   Improves flexibility
  •   Builds muscle strength
  •   Perfects your posture
  •   Strengthens immune system
  •   Prevents injury to joints
  •   Protects spine
  •   Improves bone health
  •   Increases blood circulation
  •   Releases HAPPY HORMONE
  •   Good for cardiac health
  •   Improves balance
  •   Enhances mental health like concentration, memory and coordination
  •   Relaxes body systems
  •   Improves sleep quantity and quality
  •   Alleviates pains
  •   Improves breathing pattern
  •   Helps you stay fresh
  •   Yoga is for all from children to elders
  •   Regains self confidence



With so many benefits, one would wonder- how it will help me? Start practising yoga every day and experience the wonder of it by yourself! Discover your own path in this divine journey.


VERYNUTRI is proud to be an Indian and wishes you all a HAPPY YOGA DAY!