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Do you want to Feel Energetic? Light ? & Fresh the whole day ?

Just switch on to Green Tea for Daily Health & Wellness.

Tea has got a rich history of thousands of years. At present India is the largest consumer of black tea and now also of Green Tea.

Young generation believes in having green tea every day for multiple health benefits.


  • Some Natural Facts about Green Tea !!
  • Green tea helps in boosting weight loss due to the presence of polyphenols.
  • It is very helpful in case of preventive health care.
  • It is heart healthy- its phytonutrients helps to relax blood vessels.
  • It helps to improve good cholesterol and is beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol.
  • Makes you look younger- its antioxidants helps as an anti aging solution for skin.
  • Improves immunity- the catechins in green tea acts as anti bacterial and anti viral.
  • Relaxes mind , theanine present in green tea helps to calm the stressed mind & may prevent depression.
  • Helps to improve brain function like memory and concentration, improves energy.

 Verynutri has made Green Tea  more Tastier & Healthier ever.

Its Instant & Easy to Prepare , with amazing Masala Chai Taste ( Just add a small spoon in cup of hot water, your green tea is ready)

Be Healthy Be Well !!