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Hello world!

Importance of water in our body:-

As everyone knows that earth has major part which is water. In the same way our body’s one of the major part and important part is fluid which includes water!

One has to drink enough water throughout the day to keep body functions working normally and to flush toxins. As we say body functions which means transport of nutrition ie.  Vitamins, minerals and glucose to each and every cell. It also helps to maintain body temperature eg. In summer we sweat to keep the body cool from within. Water is an effective lubricant around joints. It also acts as a shock absorber for eyes, brain, spinal cord and even for the foetus through amniotic fluid. Another important function of water is to wash off all toxins through sweat and urine. It also helps the kidneys to detoxify itself.

In an average one need around 2 to 2.5 liters of water consumption everyday but it very much depends on age, sex, activity, climate and any medical condition. The simple thing is to check the color of your urine which should be pale yellow throughout the day. If it is dark in color then it suggest you need to have more fluid or water intake.

Simple water which is easily available can really help the body in a great way! So, cheers to a glass of water!!